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Our Story draft 1

Circus; Vibrant, magical and exciting – where compelling tales are told
Fling; A jewellery affair – Seek , explore and fall in love with our intricate jewellery creations

Circus Fling was born out of the love for design and creation. 
The maker is driven by the dream of creating intricate and unexpected jewellery pieces, a complete opposite of mass market. She firmly believes that every lady should own a jewellery piece that is uniquely hers, where she can hold close to her heart and don as an everyday wearable.
Drawing inspiration from the class and grandeur of old time circuses, she develops story elements embedded in every Circus Fling jewellery. Timeless as the tales that inspire the maker, she believes a Circus Fling jewellery should be too.
Circus Fling believes in quality and workmanship; each jewellery is carefully created, some a bold choice, others an intricate piece.
A Circus Fling lady is the essence of what a modern and confident lady is.
Start every day with Confidence.