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Our Story

Circus Fling is an independent jewellery studio handcrafting everyday keepsakes. We curate designs that make Circus Fling jewellery meaningful gifts for you and your loved ones.
Our jewellery design is minimal and understated. Each piece of jewellery is carefully curated and handcrafted in our studio. We believe our jewellery can be donned any time, making it the perfect everyday wearable.
We spend long hours searching for quality materials for our jewellery. The findings used are usually plated twice with 16k gold plating with a layer of anti tarnish coating, or made with silver stainless steel chains. We go the extra mile to ensure that the best materials have been used while maintaining affordability.
Every piece of jewellery is custom made from scratch. Each pendant, chain, and finding is carefully put together by our experienced crafters in the studio. Choose to engrave your initials on selected pieces to add a personal touch to your jewellery. 
Clarice loves crafting since young, and started to dabble into jewellery making since the age of sixteen. She founded Circus Fling back in 2014, and has been handcrafting jewellery every since. She believes that a personalised piece of jewellery is the most meaningful gift one can gift to themselves and their loved ones. No two pieces are exact in this world, is what makes a Circus Fling jewellery special.