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A chat with Kate, the founder of Perk By Kate.

In this journal, we had a conversation with Kate, the founder of a homegrown intimates brand Perk By Kate, to understand more about her passion, inspiration, and what keeps her motivated everyday.



Tell us more about yourself.

Lover of pink, lingerie and fried chicken! 


How did you start Perk By Kate?

It started out of a personal interest and need. There were limited lingerie options 6 years then, and it seemed like a good idea then, to venture into something I personally liked!


Your favorite part of your work?

Planning the whole "Online shopping with a heart" experience. We do our best to instill a human touch into everything we do - from our emails, to social media, to our website information and content. When designing products, we always get very excited when we come up with a new colourway and style, and think of which customer would love that specific design! 


Share with us one thing that keeps you going every day.

Knowing that our pieces can help renew one's body confidence is very encouraging and motivating.


Give us a peek into your every day routine!

I wake up at 630am everyday, even on weekends! Work starts between 8am - 9am (depending on the traffic conditions), and it is often inundated with order packing, deliveries, the occasional fittings, and administrative work. There is hardly time to check emails or reply to messages most of the time, honestly! I'm always reviewing my daily work process in order to keep up with the demands. When I manage to get an evening off, I make dinner as a way to destress. 


What was your inspiration behind the new Celine collection?

We had made the Celine style before, and it was a style that we found to be very popular because of its fit and because of its scallop lace details. When planning our production, it seemed like an no-brainer to expand this style into different designs and colours. It proved to be a great idea - the team here really love the outcome! The stitching on each piece is seamless, colours are dyed to perfection, and the fit's spot on. 


The advice you can give to someone who wants to start their own business?

Have a great product you yourself are proud of. Always think of the value and contribution you are giving back to the customer. This is the best way to generate customer satisfaction and loyalty, and the business should grow surely and slowly from there. 


Perk by Kate's latest collection is launched in their website, hop over to their page to view more designs!



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